Jardim Constantino

Garden in typical district of Lisbon hatched in the late nineteenth century, is named Constantino José Marques de Sampaio e Melo, one of the most famous producers of artificial flowers. The King of Florists, as it was called in Portugal, was famous in Paris and London, providing flowers for real noble aristocracy of Europe.
The garden, rectangular and geometric, had a stone statue of Prometheus, placed there in 1925 by the CML and the main shaft, a small lake with fountain.
The assets include plant a single tree in the city, styphelioides Melaleuca, which has the particularity to be curious shell fell. This tree was classified in 1996.
Flora classified as public interest: Ficus macrophylla Melaleuca styphelioides.

Euronatura has its headquarters next to the garden, and is therefore concerned that this will become a structure promotes quality of life for the inhabitants of Arroios. This garden was recently remodeled and in this context we will further work addressing the sociological, environmental and commercial


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